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Living History

Preserved as an historic example of mid-19th century education, the Green Mountain Perkins Academy reflects the life and times of a community and its school more than 100 years ago.

The schoolroom where so many students learned so much.

GMPA's Book of Historic Photos

The Rural Landscape Revealed

"The Rural Landscape Revealed"

GMPA Projects

"The Rural Landscape Revealed"

Restored Photographic Studies of South Woodstock 1900-1910

A spiral-bound, 164-page compendium of the entire collection of photos carefully reprinted from their original glass negatives, "The Rural Landscape Revealed" is 8.5" x 11" in dimension and costs $30 plus postage and handling (n/c if picked up at the Academy). Books may be ordered online by contacting Hunter Melville at

Individual prints from the book can be ordered for $5 plus postage and handling (n/c if picked up at the Academy); they are 11" x 14" in dimension, printed on glossy photo paper. Contact Hunter Melville at

Restoration of Miss Mary Fullerton's Loom

Miss Mary's loom had suffered some deterioration over the years.

Jane and Lin restoring the old back beam apron of the barn loom.

Andy preparing the loom by putting radddle and new warp in place.

Teamwork of winding on the new warp, or beam warping.

Lin threading through new string heddles and old bamboo reed.

Warped beam, showing replica pulleys and old yokes.

Loom ready to weave, with warping tied onto front beam and shed checked.

Andy spacing the warp threads evenly.

The weaving begins again on Miss Mary's loom.

The GMPA barn framed loom has a history that goes back six generations of South Woodstock weavers.

The loom was given to Miss Mary Fullerton by Elvira Bagley Holmes. Miss Mary had the loom placed in the Academy when it became a museum. At that time, she held weaving classes for area children.

 As the first photo demonstrates, much preparation was necessary to make the loom useable again. With the assistance of volunteers, and Andy and Jane Bird, the restoration of the loom started in April 2010.

The team (Jane Soule, Mary McCuaig, Sue Lewis and Lin Thompson) worked to restore parts for authenticity, while replicas were made by local craftsman Clay Van Alstyne.

The last photo shows Miss Mary's loom has now taken on its old character, ready to weave again.

The exciting part of the restoration was the enthusiasm put forth for the project, through donations by community members, as well as shared information from the Vermont Weavers Guild members and the Woodstock History Center, and, of course, our Green Mountain Perkins Academy Board of Trustees.

Demonstrations can be given on weekends. Please call or email to let us know you are interested in seeing the loom at work.

[Photos courtesy of Lin Thompson]